Eren Morgul


About me


Eren Morgul was born in San Francisco to parents who had adopted an unusual family name, probably after reading the works of Tolkien.

He is interested in writing mystery/thriller science fiction stories with his main literary influences as Dick, King, Poe and Lovecraft.

He enjoys all things science fiction; books, movies and TV series; especially ones focusing on philosophical and psychological impacts of technological advancements on society and unique twists brought along with them.

Currently residing in Istanbul, ‘All Things Dark and Radiant’ is his first novel.


My Works


An Aztec Prince undergoes a dark and surreal journey, set in motion by the betrayal of his brother and exacerbated by the loss of a loved one.

A private investigator digs deep through the mystery surrounding privately held executions.

A chemist serves as a guinea pig for a newly synthesized drug which has an unexpected side effect of revealing another reality.

All, in addition to the stories of a spatial assassin, a military officer and an A.I. specialist, prove to be interwoven with each other. Piece by piece, the veils on their connections are lifted...


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